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IBEX Tours is a travel program developed and operated by
the International Bioexploration Society (IBEX)

IBEX is a collaboration between Rutgers University, University of Illinois and North Carolina State University

Escape from the ordinary and experience a new way of learning about our planet with IBEX Tours. Our exploratory tours are designed for travelers eager to visit off-the-beaten-path destinations, explore remarkable natural wonders, and experience vibrant cultures. A combination of devoted, knowledgeable tour leaders, small group size and unique destinations makes IBEX Tours very special. IBEX Tours are much more than a site visit; they are a journey of adventure, discovery and learning.

IBEX is a non-profit organization that invests all proceeds in conservation and biodiversity research which benefits natural habitats and human health in the host countries. You as a traveler directly contribute to preserving our planet's environment, improving human health, and supporting environmentally sustainable communities.

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