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Tour Kazakhstan - Hidden Zhetysu Wonderland

Kazakh traditional dance

The area between the Lake Balkhash and the North Tian Shan mountains, so called Zhetysu (Kazakh) or Semirechie (seven rivers in Russian), spreads over 400 kilometers from the largest Kazakhstan city, Almaty. Zhetysu is carved by pristine streams running from the mountains to the steppes, forming spectacular oases. The Kazakhstan tour itinerary reflects the extraordinary biodiversity of this spectacular region within Southeastern Kazakhstan and includes representative ecosystems and important cultural attractions.

On this tour you will explore history, culture, and biodiversity of the region especially with regards to vertical zonality and the ecosystem changes. The tour includes discussion about habitat preservation, plant communities including pristine apple and apricot forests, birds and birding (including a visit to a falcon breeding center, Sunkar), mammals, and demonstrations of centuries-old Kazakh traditions.

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Cost per person, double occupancy: Contact us
Number of participants: 10
Tour Dates: on demand
Tour Duration: 10 days
Overnight stays:  Bed & breakfast, hotels
Tour Itinerary: Almaty, Big Almaty Lake, Tian Shan Astronomical Observatory, Zaiilisky Alatau, Ile-Alatau National Park, Almaty Nature Reserve, Altyn-Emel National Park, Singing Dunes, Ili River delta, Almaty

Activities in Kazakhstan

Field trips to national parks (including a tour of Altyn-Emel), conservation areas, environmental education centers, ecological and ornithological research stations. Visit important historical and architectural sites. Bird watching, including a tour of a falcon breeding center) and nature photography. Local and traditional food and drinks, introduction to native medicinal plants. Informal discussions with biodiversity experts.

Tour Leader - Dr. Slavik Dushenkov

Dr. Slavik Dushenkov of Rutgers University and Dr. Sergey Sklyarenko of the Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity in Kazakhstan will co-lead the tour. Local guides will be on hand at different locations.

Read more about Slavik Dushenkov

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