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what tour participants say about IBEX Tours

"In this age of global conflict, it is essential that we have information and experiences with other cultures. I know of no other group that provides an educational and pleasurable global experience like IBEX, led by Dr. Slavik Dushenkov. When my wife and I traveled to Kazakhstan under the auspices of IBEX, Dr. Dushenkov provided extraordinary guidance - he arranged for us to be supported by scientific experts from various fields to optimize our learning combined with business opportunities. Because of Dr. Dushenkov and his team, including our gracious guide, Svetlana, our trip to Kazakhstan is one that we will never forget. I highly recommend IBEX to anyone who is interested in simultaneously having a delightful trip and expanding their cultural knowledge."

- Edgar J. Ridley, Chairman, Edgar J. Ridley & Associates.

"Our trip to Uzbekistan was one of the best trips in our life. Country is magnificent, - beautiful cities (Tashkent, Bukhara, Samarkand and Khiva) and beautiful nature (Chimgan Mountains). People are friendly and food is great –tasty, fresh and cheap. Especially I want to mention their art – paintings and ceramics very unique, inexpensive and now it is a great addition to my art collection. Whole trip went smoothly – knowledgeable guides, transport on time and friendliness everywhere. It was great. See our photo album. Thank you IBEX"

- Sasha Raiz

"Many people have never heard of Bhutan. And there are reasons for it. It's a tiny kingdom hidden next to India and China, two huge countries that are so frequently visited by tourists from all over the world. It is really one of a kind. Nothing we read about it could ever prepare us for what we saw. All the natural beauty of the Himalayas, the unique architecture of the monasteries, the colorful clothing the Bhutanese wear are all true enough. But we could never imagine the graceful harmony between nature, people, and Buddhism that permeates everything in Bhutan. We would advise anyone to go and experience it all now before the country is swallowed up by the modern world, with its advanced technology, fast food and standardized culture. Experience the warmth and attentiveness of Bhutanese people who are always smiling, hospitable, and generous. Last but not least there is no one who can show you Bhutan as well as Preston Scott, the ultimate authority on Bhutan, a scholar and the best companion. He was just as perfect as Bhutan was, a dream come true..."

- Elena & Vladimir Kilinsky

“I was very impressed by Bhutan. Tourist visas are highly limited and only a handful of flights are allowed into the country per day. However, the people are exceptionally knowledgeable of world affairs and have a great understanding of the Western world. We were able to learn an incredible amount from them, as well as our IBEX Tour Leader.”

- David Blanch

Going to Bhutan with Preston was one of the most impressive trips our well traveled family has enjoyed. The nature and exotic beauty of the country, the many activities and variety of people we met made the experience very special. Climbing high up onto the mountain to see an ancient monastery, walking through the rice fields, visiting an art school and seeing students at work, being treated to a special tea, and talking to an "enlightened" monk -were just  a few of the things we did there that will stay in  our memories for a very long time if not forever.

- Marina Meehan

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