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Escape from the ordinary and experience a new way of discovering our planet with IBEX BioExploratory tours. Designed for discriminating travelers eager to visit exotic destinations, explore remarkable natural wonders, and experience authentic cultures, our educational tours create a truly enjoyable, enriching, comfortable, and friendly experience. Highly experienced and knowledgeable guides lead the tours, often in collaboration with university professors, local scientists, and students. Bioexploratory tours are so much more than site visits; they are journeys of discovery, adventure, and learning.

IBEX is a non-profit organization established by Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, the University of Illinois, and North Carolina State University in collaboration with universities in the partnering countries. The funds generated by IBEX are invested in the host countries and are used to advance conservation and biodiversity research that benefits natural habitats and human health. Thus, all travelers directly contribute to preserving our environment, improving human health, and supporting environmentally minded communities.

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Associated with Rutgers University. Developed by Rutgers faculty.

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